Performing professionally for the past 17 years, Ryne Strom has dazzled spectators performing across the country from Hollywood to New York City. Strom was ‘bit by the magic bug’ at an early age. At a performance of the late legendary magician Harry Blackstone Jr, he was invited onstage to witness Blackstone vanish a birdcage from the tips of young audience members’ fingers. From that moment on, there was no turning back and all Strom could think about was magic.

Ryne Strom on stage with Harry Blackstone Jr.

Ryne Strom on stage with Harry Blackstone Jr. after Blackstone had vanished a birdcage from his fingertips

Ryne Strom with Harry Blackstone Jr.

Ryne Strom with Harry Blackstone Jr. after attending his first Blackstone magic show.

Spending countless hours learning the art of magic, Strom would take any opportunity to perform for classmates, friends, family, or anyone willing to watch. His first paid performance occurred at the age of eight years old, marking the beginning of his professional career in magic. Magic has truly been his life passion, which shines through in his performance.

Ryne was inducted into the Society of American Magicians and International Brotherhood of Magicians by sponsors Terry Evanswood and Emmy Award winner, Marshall Brodien (known for his TV Magic Cards and his role as Wizzo on the Bozo Show). He is also a proud member of the International Magicians Society, Academy of Magical Arts and Kidabra, the international association of family & kid show performers. Ryne is also currently a student at the Chavez Studio of Magic, the world’s most prestigious school for manual dexterity and prestidigitation.

Ryne Strom and Marshall Brodien

Ryne Strom and Marshall Brodien

Ryne Strom and Terry Evanswood

Ryne Strom and Terry Evanswood

Society of American Magicians International Brotherhood of Magicians Academy of Magical Arts Chavez Studio of Magic

Chavez Studio of Magic

Tired of the typical magic shows produced today, Strom wanted to create a theatrical experience that set him apart from other magicians. He combines illusions, acting, music, dancing, comedy, and audience participation to make up an unforgettable experience. His routines will make you laugh, tug on your heartstrings and leave you in complete awe. Ryne has spent his life building his show into the grand scale illusion show that it is today and will always enjoy watching his audiences transform into children for just a couple of magical hours.

Strom has been seen on NBC, ABC Family, Fox, WGN, has performed on countless stages including the Magic Capital of the World and Las Vegas. He also had the opportunity to open for Grammy Award winner, Victor Wooten!

Ryne Strom NBC Studios

Ryne Strom outside of NBC Studios

Ryne has also utilized his magic skills in other lines of work. He was the creative/technical director and illusion consultant for The Haunted Manor, a family friendly haunted house, for ten years. Unlike typical haunted houses that contain blood and guts, The Haunted Manor was created to be a magical experience set in a Victorian mansion with 10,000 scare feet of scary fun with secret passageways, ghosts, and scary surprises. Strom was also flown out to Hollywood in 2008 to be the art director for the second part of a two part movie, ‘Dark Room Theater: To Grandmother’s House We Go’ which is now available on DVD and on iTunes.

Dark Room Theater Presents

Ryne Strom on set during the filming of "Dark Room Theater Presents"

Katy Vogel

Katy Vogel has been dancing and performing for 20 years. From Walt Disney World in Florida to the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, Katy has performed in a number of dance productions as well as competed in national competitions. She has attended master dance classes and even studied under the choreographer for Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Jade and others.

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